Satellite TV Installation in Hungary
4c Home Install - Satellite TV, Home EntertainmentServices, Hungary

Home Install - Sky TV in Budapest and most of Hungary, we are the premier sky sports and sky movies installation service, we can provide sky viewing cards and sky digiboxes.

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Home Install ( has been established to help our customers in the areas of: Home Entertainment, Automation and Networking. We can advise, obtain and install the equipment required in all of these areas. Being ex-pat based we understand the local challenges (such as House representatives for those of you in apartments), the technology and our customers, we speak English, German, Hungarian and Japanese.

Our reference customers include the Kaledonia and Champs in Pest, where we have installed extra large dishes to enable them to receive BBC1 and ITV. In addition we have many other ex-pat customers for whom we have installed Sky systems including the latest HD systems

Many of our customers, want up to date English Language programming, whether for Sport, home enterainment or Children’s Education. We are the only native English speaking company in Hungary that provides this service. We can obtain and install Sky TV services in Hungary. We also provide Satellite installation for other languages, whether German, French, Spanish or Italian based, we can obtain and install the service that meets your needs.

We provide Sky Satellite systems, including the latest Sky digiboxes such as the Sky HD digibox. In Budapest the standard 1 metre dish enables most Sky TV programmes such as Sky Movies, Sky Sports and hundreds of other Sky channels. We are able to provide  UK Sky viewing cards only if you are able to provide an address in the UK of a friend or relative who we can pair with the card.

Our Sky installers are trained to UK standards and all our installations are guaranteed

We are able to provide a wide selection of packages including Freesat in Budapest and most of Hungary. Certain areas of Hungary are "black spots" please contact us if you believe you may be in one of these areas.

Whilst the minimum contract period for a Sky system is for one year, we also provide a unique buy-back system should you be leaving Hungary. Please contact us for details.